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About Periyapattinam

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Periyapattinam (Tamil:பெரிய‌ப‌ட்டின‌ம்), is a big village located in the eastern part (Gulf of Mannar) of Ramanathapuram district, Tamil Nadu, India. The inhabitants of this village are primarily Tamil Muslims

:: History ::

This is one of the historic port of Eastern (Gulf of Mannar) from 20km distnce of Ramanathapuram where Ibn Battuta, Marcopolo and other famous traveller visited this place. This port was called as Parakirama Pattinam in 10th Century. [1] In 12th Century, it was called as Pavitra Manicka Pattinam It was also called as Ta Pa Tan by Chinese famous traveller Wang Ta-Yuan in 14th Century [2]Now, it is called as Periyapattinam where thousands of Muslims are living in. Most muslims consider themselves to be settler descendents of maritime traders who had business linking persian gulf to south indian coast and southeast asia

:: Demographics ::

As of 2001 India census [3], Periyapattinam had a population of 9,478 and total household of 1799. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Periyapattinam has an average literacy rate of 77.44% well above the district average. In Periyapattinam, 13% of the population is under 6 years of age. 27.3% of the village are working population.

:: Cuisine ::

The food habits practised by the Periyapattinam people have similarities with Srilankan Tamil Muslim cuisine and Malay cuisine. For example the foods like vatlappam [4], Idiyappam are probably from Sri Lanka. Most of dietary practice of people of periyapattinam follow the trend of coastal dwellers i.e. seafood dependence.

-: Other Food's :-

* Fish Kulambu (Fish Curry)

* Karuvattu Aanam( Dryfish curry)

* Thengai Paal Rasam * Prawns

* Crabs

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